Background to the Technology

   The focus of Digger Resources Inc. ("DIG" or the "Company") High Definition Reservoir Geochemistry ("HDRG") program was to develop a rapid cost effective exploration technique, as an adjunct to existing seismic methods, through the detection of metallic and non-metallic ions in near surface soil profiles. The presence of various metallic and non-metallic ions forming geochemical signatures directly above oil and gas accumulations has been well documented by industry. In the past it has been difficult to measure these anomalies both accurately and with a high degree of repeatability, which has severely hampered its applicability and value for hydrocarbon exploration. Research into metal ion geochemistry during the last 15 years, has seen the acceptance and successful global application of this technology to mineral exploration for buried base and precious metal deposits, diamonds and uranium. The work completed by DIG has shown that the application of its proprietary metallic/non-metallic ion deep penetrating geochemistry has successfully addressed the previous problems in applying soil geochemical techniques when exploring for oil and gas reserves. The technology is based on the collection and analysis of near soil samples using a proprietary leachant and ultra low level ICP-MS analyses. To learn more about the HDRG Technology, read the investor package about HDRG and the development of HDRG.